Image of Mt. Rainier and Rainier Project title

Artwork by BriAnne Waite

The Rainier Project started in late Summer, 2015. Three guys who had jammed on occasion back in the day ran into each other online after not playing together, well, for a long time!

Two acoustic guitars, one bass player. We play whatever strikes our fancy, blues, classic rock, swing, finger-picking fun, whatever. Besides a large list of cover tunes, the band has a number of good original songs too. Check out the song list and the song samples that are there. Like what you hear, come to a show. We have fun, you have fun!

Brad Randall
(360) 350-2772

Born in Montana, teen years in South Seattle Area. Long time Olympia area resident. Started playing out professionally in my early 20's with my brother on rhythm guitar playing country, country rock and blues . Migrated to mostly acoustic guitar and singing in the last decade. Spent a year recently as the lead guitarist for The Hambone Blues Band and have jammed and performed with Jerry Miller and Seth Freeman. Opened for Roy Rogers and have gigged playing acoustic guitar with Greg Hill as Philips And Hill.

John Neville
(360) 292-2418

Music is my passion. Always has been, always will be. I was born and raised near San Francisco and was in awe of the many fabulous bands that originated there. I played professionally in my 20's through out northern California and then moved to Olympia with a couple of band mates. To support my family in those early days I worked as a fire fighter and logger. I ran into an old friend last year, Brad Randall, who I hadn't seen in over 30 years. We formed a band, along with Charlie, and I've been having a blast ever since. Now Greg Hill has taken Charlie's place, and we're still having a blast!

Greg Hill

I've played music in one form or another since the second grade, and it has always been a part of my life. I started playing on french horn, then guitar, bass, mandolin and bouzouki in later years. I've played everything from rock, blues and funk, to classical music in various orchestras. No matter what is being played, one of my favorite things is to play music for people and see their responses. I've found that wherever there is live music there are also people having a good time, which makes it all worthwhile.

Band members goofing around

Photo by Waterside Video Production